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Think Pink

think pink

Think Pink

It’s that time of year again where everything is done up in spooky Halloween themes or covered in pink.  And even though, wearing pink does not help support breast cancer research, it is not entirely pointless.  All the commercial marketing  helps make people more aware of the issue, and making more people aware helps increase the number of people who then go on to make a positive difference.

Cr8tive Release Gifts doesn’t offer any mass produced breast cancer awareness items but we do sell some handmade breast cancer awareness items.  We also give a small portion of each purchase of those items to local breast cancer patients and survivors.

So, buy that breast cancer gear, spread information about programs available for early detection and treatments, donate to reputable research organizations, or just pray that someday we will have a cure for this horrible disease.


To purchase a breast cancer awareness item from Cr8tive Release Gifts, please check out the following items:

Also available as an acrylic magnet, acrylic ornament, suncatcher, and ceiling fan pull upon request.

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