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Cr8tive Release Gifts joined forces with …

I have joined forces with several handmade creators to sell handmade items in a variety of places on Facebook. These Facebook Groups are ever growing and changing along with the FB algorithm. In order to continue to be seen by a wide audience of people, we are constantly looking for new handmade creators to join the team and spread the word about the events.

To become a vendor, some of the groups do charge a small monthly vendor fee.  To join the group, just click the link or group logo.  Membership questions  are required before acceptance into the groups.  If you’re interested in becoming a vendor in a group contact one of the groups’ admins for additional information.  I enjoy being part of all these groups immensely and look forward to helping spread the word about these small businesses joining together as a team.

The teams that Cr8tive Release Gifts is currently a part of are…

Boutique Blasts                                                                                                        (

Sales typically held the 3rd Thursday of each month with the available creations fitting into a different relevant theme.  Some of the past themes have been patriotic, farm, cats & dogs, spring, summer, winter and fall.



The Glitter Bombshells (

Events are held weekly starting on Wednesdays and ending on Fridays.  Each event has a different theme, so the creations available during that event match the theme.  Some of the past themes have been character parade, shabby chic, fall color challenge and back to school.



Glitz and Glam Design Group                                                                           (

Weekly themed auctions starting on Tuesdays and ending on Thursdays.  Each event will have a different theme starting in October.  Some of the themes will be Halloween, Think Pink, and Giving Thanks.



Handmade Buyers Marketplace (

Events held periodically with a wide variety of themes typically starting on Friday evenings and ending on Sunday evenings.  All items are handmade in the US.



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